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Ajuntament del Masnou

Ple de Riure
El Masnou
El Masnou
El Masnou
El Masnou
El Masnou
El Masnou
El Masnou
Nautical Municipal Museum of el Masnou

Interior del MuseuThe Museum of History and Archaelogy of el Masnou was born in 1962 thanks to the citizenship help. It was named Nautical Municipal Museum of el Masnou in 1990 because the naval items there were more and more important.

The Museum is supplied with the Municipal School of Naval Modelling, the Archives and a publication about local history, edited under the title La Roca de Xeix.

General Information

Contact address and telephone numbers:
Josep Pujadas Truch, 1-A
08320  El Masnou
Tel (34) 93 540 50 02
Fax  (34) 93 540 80 59
E-mail:  museu.nautica@elmasnou.cat

Opening hours:

Mornings: Saturdays from 11 am to 2 pm.
Evenings: Thursdays to Saturdays from 5 to 8 pm.

Annual closing days: January 1rst, 5th and 6th; Good Friday; Easter Monday; May 1rst; Second Easter; June 29th (St. Peter’s day); September 11th; October 12th; November 1rst, December 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st, and all August.

Exhibition Room

Permanent Exhibition Room is thought to contain naval items.

The Room of Archaelogy keeps the materials found in important prehistorical deposits, both Iberians and Romans, such as the place called Cal Ros de les Cabres.

The Collections

Archaelogy. Almost all chronological periods can be found in the Museum, from Prehistory to Roman period.

Nautical collection. Different kind of objects are contained, such as:

  • navigation gadgets
  • objects from the toll-gate in the harbour of el Masnou
  •   a set of medical material on board
  •   models of ships
  • votive objects and virgins in connection with the sailor devotion from both the last 19th Century and the beginning of 20th Century.

Bibliographical resources in nautical area.
Courses from 1787 to the 30s in the 20th Century are kept in the Museum, as well as pilot's study books, an important collection of 200 charts from the captains of el Masnou, and the study material of the Naval Scholl of el Masnou.
Both the models and the ships kept in the Museum allow visitors to know both the different systems of navigation and the boats formerly piloted by captains from el Masnou better.

The Art gallery contains pictures by J. Pineda, J. Mongay, A.Jacobsen and Moix Solé.

Activities and facilities

Activities and exhibitions.
School visits to the Museum.
Modelling School.
Library and documentary archives.

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